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En Ooru
Preserving Tribal Identity & Protecting Ancestral Traditions

Kerala's first Tribal Heritage Village, En Ooru is an ethnographic gallery that showcases ethnicity, cultural practices, tribal social organization, ancestral traditions, tribal art and cultural expressions.

En Ooru Tribal Heritage Village Pookode plays a significant role in the tribal cultural demonstration. The centre of attraction at the village is prototype tribal huts that offer a glance at tribal lifestyle and tribal architecture. One the most serene tourist destination in India, Wayanad hosts this tribal village and narrates ancestral stories and tribal law and justice.

The Village beacons visitors with extensive infrastructure facilities and nature-friendly tribal hamlets. The 10-crore project implemented Departments of Scheduled Tribes Development & Tourism aims to have product stalls to introduce tribal medicines, tribal handicrafts and other tribal products to visitors, An amphitheatre at the village is the platform for performing tribal art forms including tribal music, Thudi Thalam, and ancestral customs.

The Kerala Government is on a mission to upgrade the village to a heritage site by showcasing ethnic diversity and rural culture. Attempts to promote indigenous languages used by ethnic minorities and display of tribal economy support the livelihood of the tribals of Wayanad.


the tribal culture

"To transform En Ooru into a model tribal heritage village through Indigenous skills and heritage education."

Tribal Huts
25 acres


  • Extension and preservation of tribal knowledge, art, and architecture for future generations.
  • Support to strengthen the society by nurturing tribal medicine, handicraft and tribal products along with intermediaries. 
  • Offer extensive skill development and self-employment training for the tribes to ensure self-sufficiency and self-reliability.
  • Ensuring better health, hygiene, sanitation and literacy among the indigenous people by organizing awareness campaigns.
  • Felicitating interactions between indigenous communities and various Governmental agencies, Non-Government Organisations, and promoter institutions to attract funding for tribal welfare initiatives.
  • Promote the talents and skills of tribal people in Kerala by assuring financial assistance in the form of funding. 
  • Increasing the viability of the market for native goods with Government assistance and support.
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